Start Up & Small Businesses

Bespoke services

We help new business owners to meet and understand their businesses’ obligations. This includes free business guides explaining all the relevant dates and deadlines, unlimited help and support throughout the year and regular recommendations based on their financials. We also send emails and texts to remind you all the relevant deadlines so that you can focus on your business.

Accurate financial reporting

Our modern bookkeeping software receives direct feeds from your banks and financial business accounts and reconciles it with the company operations including cash in hand. We perform further sanity checks to ensure all records and ratios are correctly recorded and reported. This means a higher probability the data correctness, which helps you as a business owner.

Free cloud accounting software

We provide user friendly and simple online cloud accounting software, which you can use to keep your records electronically in line with all the legal and internal requirements. Centralised and transparent bookkeeping which you can access at any time within seconds.

Tailored Package

Whether you need a full accountancy package especially designed for your business, or you need to calculate and submit VAT returns, run payroll for your employees or want to plan your tax affairs efficiently, we can help! We provide a complete accountancy service, tailored to start up/ small businesses covering all your accounting and tax needs, for an all-inclusive fixed monthly fee.



From                                                                                                                                             £75 + VAT per month

From  £75 + VAT per month

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